Easy Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties - Allergy Friendly

Easy Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Parties - Allergy Friendly

I'm obsessed with party planning. I've even considered making a side career out of it. But that's just my multi-passionate self-talking.

Now making food for 30+ guests, including kids and their picky pallets, is outside my favorite hobbies list.

But because of my daughter's food allergies, it was a task I was obligated to take on. I wanted her to enjoy her big day without me worrying about what crumbs of food she'll manage to find (though, I don't think that anxious feeling ever goes away).

Here's what we came up with! 

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Granola Butter & Strawberry Jelly Heart-shaped Sandwiches




Chicken Salad Sandwiches - Recipe Here

Animal-Shaped Pasta Salad - Recipe Here

I used this lentil pasta brand:

Now for the snacks! Thankfully, I found a few allergy-friendly brands and did not have to make the snacks from scratch. 


Popcorn with Olive Oil Boxes

Cups of Crackers and Chips!

An array of fruits and veggies!

Piñata candy of course!

And my favorite from them all are these Top 9 Allergen Free donuts!



I spent days searching for an allergy-friendly bakery. Finally, I stumbled upon Sweet Freedom Bake Shop and ordered these donuts 3 weeks in advance.

My husband drove 40 minutes at 8:00 at night on Harper's birthday to pick them up for the party. So much extra thought and effort goes into being an allergy parent but having sweet treats for our daughter's 1st birthday was worth it. 

To make Harper's birthday as stress-free as possible, we decided to opt-out of the typical "smash cake". I added carousel animal stickers to one of the colorful food cups and filled it with her favorite food, strawberries! She absolutely loved it. 

 If you'd like info on all the decor for Harper's Carousel Horse Theme, take a peek at this post here. 





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