Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco - Home Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco - Home Coffee Roasters
There are dozens of charming coffee shops in San Francisco that each brings a different type of joy to my cup o’ joe moment.

Since my boutique brand is based in SF, I thought I'd create an ongoing list of my favs for you. ☺️

✨Let's start with the beloved Instagram-worthy coffee shop, Home Coffee Roasters.

Even the avocado toast is picture-perfect, but most importantly, dang tasty.

I keep coming back for the Seoul Much Avo which is topped with kimchi.

I've tried many avocado toasts in my SF living life, and this kimchi toast shines.

My husband, Sean, orders anything with bacon, and the Br-avo toast topped with bacon crumbles and radishes is delish!
Avocado toast with bacon and kimchi

✨For coffee, my favorite is the Lavender Latte. If Lavender Latte is on the menu, I'm ordering it. But Home Coffee Roasters' Lavender latte, hits differently. It has a fresh and non-artifical taste. 👌🏻

In my latest visit, I was accidentally given the Birthday Cake Topping. Obviously, I didn't mind because look at how beautiful the rainbow artwork is.

Sean ordered the actual Birthday Cake Latte, which is a vanilla latte but not overly sweet!
Home Coffee Roasters Birthday Cake Latte

Both lattes are served at the perfect hot temperature.

(You know, some lattes don't give the warm & cozy feeling that you need at first sip.)

After you grab a cup o’ joe and toast, head down to Chinatown for the afternoon and check out the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. Thank me later. 😉
Women at Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory in San Francisco
-Monika Rose




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