Our Story

Welcome to my happy place and hopefully yours too. 

Our boutique rebrand and "Feel-Good Collection" is finally here but there's so much more I want to share with you.      
For instance, fun topics like:
"5 Closet Must-Haves & Organization Tools"
Other topics close to my heart such as:
"Easy Ways to Support Your Local Business"
and of course, San Francisco related topics like:
"5 Best Brunch Spots for Bottomless Mimosas in SF"

Why the rebrand?

Our boutique, Monika Rose San Francisco, launched in 2012.

We featured dozens of our favorite brands in our online store, pop-up shop storefront, and in-person fashion events.

A hop, skip, trip, and a jump later to 2019...

In my heart, I knew something was missing.

Our own designer label collection.

Throughout the years, I learned what styles, fits, and fabrics you loved the most.

I also learned what was missing.

1. More Size Options
Petite and extended sizes were hard to come by.

2. Sustainable Fabrics
Fabrics made to last and friendly to the planet.

3. Ethically Made in California
Hiring a team that is treated well and paid fair and deserving wages.

4. Feel-Good Confidence
Timeless, comfortable, feminine, make a "subtle statement" type of styles
that you always feel good in!

Take a peek at our new designer collection journey thus far here.


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The Monika Rose SF Gift Card

The Monika Rose SF Gift Card

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