Behind-the-Scenes: Our First Jumpsuit Fitting

Behind-the-Scenes: Our First Jumpsuit Fitting

The first time I held my jumpsuit samples in my hands (it sounds like giving birth to a child) was one of the happiest moments.

But as soon as I witnessed my jumpsuit worn by someone other than myself, I've never felt more proud.

Story Time: My first official jumpsuit fitting wasn't necessarily what I've always dreamt up in my mind.

Women wearing white jumpsuit front view

But first, here's a picture of my sister-in-law wearing the jumpsuit. I wanted to see how it fit on someone taller than me. Plus, I was around 12 weeks pregnant at the time and things were fitting a bit snug. Besides myself, she's the first person to ever try it on! 

women wearing white jumpsuit back view

And here is my sister trying the jumpsuit on backward without realizing it. I questioned everything at that point. Still love her though. 

Back to the "official" fittings story:

I imagined flying out to the fashion capital of the world, meeting models in a beautiful design house, and with a measuring tape in one hand and pins in the other, I'd be perfecting my jumpsuits like an actual professional designer.


Well, I have zero pattern-making experience so the measuring tape and pins thing was really just my imagination.

 But like a lot of changes the pandemic continues to bring, we had to improvise.

 Hello, Zoom meeting.

white plus size jumpsuit fitting behind-the-scenes

white jumpsuit fitting behind-the-scenes

I scheduled a virtual meeting with my patternmaker, hired two models to try-on both sample sizes, and discussed all changes over video chat in my living room.

 It might not have been as glamorous as I hoped, but it was just as special.

 It was special because I got to learn from a patternmaker with decades of experience.

 It was special because I still got to listen to each model's input on how the jumpsuit fit and how it made them feel.

It was special because I got the feedback I needed to create this one jumpsuit that I'm so proud of.

And I saved time and money on travel. Win/Win. 

Life doesn't have to be fancy but it has to mean something.

I cannot wait to finally witness my jumpsuit design worn by our first customers.

Hey, maybe that'll be you? 😉

All my best,


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