I Almost Canceled My Brand Launch Event

I Almost Canceled My Brand Launch Event

I've been dreaming up a launch party for months but barely found the courage to ask people to come.

I wanted this event to be a group of local SF Bay Area creators because creators inspire me to keep following my passion.

A week before the event, I had 5 people RSVP (including myself and my best friend). I booked the @thecheeseschool for 16 people, the minimum to host a cheese platter making class.

I kept giving myself reasons to cancel.

"My brand is too new."

"No one is interested."

"It's raining."

"I'll try again later."

But I remembered all the challenges I've already overcome in my business, so why couldn't I make this event happen? Even if it were only 3 creators, my best friend, husband, and daughter, I would still make it the best day ever.

The best day ever ended up being the start of an atmospheric river in San Francisco, my nine-month-old missing all of her naps, and 20 people celebrating the collection.

The fear of failure still creeps up on me, but not living out my dreams is what I fear the most.

❤️Take a peek at my brand launch party video:




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