One of the first "aha!" moments I had when I finally made the plunge to design my own collection was when I was standing on top of a pile of clothes in my closet. 
I thought to myself while managing to not pull out my hair, "I have too much stuff. This is so overwhelming!"
I then realized I only wanted to see pieces in my closet that I truly, over the moon, LOVED but also pieces that I would wear over and over again and could stand the test of time...
And that's where these handy closet tools come in:



First up, the switch to *wooden hangers from the beloved skinny velvet ones. Gasp. But how will I fit all of my clothes? You fit the clothes you actually wear and make more mindful shopping choices with the space you have. 

Plus, wooden hangers look fancy-schmancy which makes your clothes look fancy-schmancy and then helps your mindset when getting dressed in the morning. (Remember, we're not trying to get overwhelmed over here.)

Wooden Hangers


Garment Steamer

Secondly, a *garment steamer. If you can make space for a standing garment steamer, then do it. I lived in a 400 sqft studio apartment back in the day where my bed was a few feet away from the kitchen so if I can fit one, maybe you can too. :) 

I started using a standing garment steamer for my boutique 8 years ago. Though it was initially only for commercial use, once I used it for my own outfits, I never looked back. My husband, Sean, was my steaming sidekick back in the early days of my boutique and swears by it too. Thanks, #boutiquehusband!

But if you prefer a compact one, it's also handy to have a handheld travel type too. Basically, stop using an iron. 

(Young Monika and her garment steamer in 2017.)



Next up, *fabric storage bags. NO MORE PLASTIC BINS, please. You actually want to store your clothing in a natural material rather than plastic to help prevent mildew, smells, holes, etc. Also, throw in a lavender sachet for a fresh scent and to deter moths!

I'm currently using fabric storage bags to store away my pre-pregnancy clothing like all of my denim that I have high/low hopes of fitting back into one day.

But you can use these for seasonal items too! Got those heavy winter coats or chunky knits? Snag yourself some fabric storage bags and help keep the longevity of your items. Plus, you'll make more room in your closet since you do have those wooden hangers now. 😉




Speaking of a clothing refresher, try spraying a natural fabric spray like this one from *The Laundress.

You know you don't need to wash your clothes as often as you may think. 😬

Spritz this spray every so often to refresh and deodorize your clothes. Say it with me, "this will help keep the longevity of your garments!"



And the last tool of the day is *under-sweatshirts. "Sweatshirts" as in, undershirts that capture sweat. Yes, it's a thing. 

I'm a sweaty nervous person by nature and my delicate blouses saw the worst of it. I mean sweat marks galore after a day of public speaking. (Something I do as a boutique owner and boutique coach). 

So, I was on a hunt to save my favorite blouses and found these really great undershirts that have a seamless extra armpit layer.

Again, these help keep the longevity (keyword of the day) of your clothing while also keeping away the embarrassment of panic sweats or everyday life sweats. I get those too.

I hope you found these 5 Must-Have Closet Organization Tools & Gadgets list helpful!

Thought I'd share a fun yet helpful blog while we are getting things rolling with the launch of our new designer collection. 

Did you miss our last boutique launch update? Take a peek here for the behind-the-scene details of my design process. 

All my best, 



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